SSpecialty Pharmacy

Increase productivity and workflow efficiency, expand referral opportunities and achieve better overall outcomes for specialty pharmacy patients.

Integrating AssureCare’s Specialty Pharmacy Module with prescription dispensing systems will lead to enhanced patient services provided by pharmacies.


AssureCare’s module can help pharmacies increase productivity, workflow efficiency, and better overall outcomes for the patients’ healthcare needs.

  • 01Welcome Call

    Assists members along their journey with their newly prescribed specialty medication. It allows the user to authenticate the member’s personal health information. It is designed to help manage member onboarding and verify all necessary patient information.

  • 02Benefit Investigation

    Guides the user to gather and update insurance information to complete the benefits investigation summary. It also features navigation through third-party clearinghouses to initiate prior authorizations and appeals, if necessary.

  • 03Pre-Dispensing Consultation

    Enables specialty pharmacies to upload and configure drug-specific assessments and present them to clinicians when interacting with members. These assessments can be tailored to the specific requirements that the pharmacy, provider(s) and/or manufacturer needs.

  • 04Post-Dispensing Consultation

    Supports clinicians to conduct clinical consultations after dispensing medication. This leads to overall improved compliance and member adherence of prescribed drug regimens. Additionally, manufacturer-required adherence calls and medication-specific follow-up can be performed.


See how a digitally connected platform can help your organization positively impact a patient life.

Features and Functionality

  1. Integrates with pharmacy dispensing systems and EHR platforms
  2. Scalable and automated clinical management
  3. Manage members
  4. Meet specialty pharmacy accreditation standards
  5. Improve compliance

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