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MMedication ManagementCORE

MedCompass Medication Therapy Management software makes pharmacists part of the equation.

Provides Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services for both Commercial and Medicare members, improves quality and adherence outcomes (STAR’s, HEDIS, PQA), and consequently reduces healthcare costs.


A workflow-driven, fully integrated Medication Therapy Management platform to identify gaps in care and medication adherence opportunities

  • 01Population Targeting

    More than 100 patient identification algorithms that feed a robust workflow engine allowing payors and retail pharmacies to complete end-to-end Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) or targeted interventions in real time. The encounter can be face-to-face or via our tightly integrated telehealth platform.

  • 02Medication Interaction Identification

    Workflows are supported with automated drug interaction identification including drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug-disease, and duplicate therapy.

  • 03Integrated Care Plan

    Generate opportunities and interventions dynamically based on data received from multiple sources, and refer patients to the appropriate service providers. Member level tracking of opportunities and interventions’ outcome.

  • 04CMS required patient material

    Patient Medication List: Digitally record all medications with ease, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, and vitamins. Medication Action Plan: Dynamically design a therapeutic action plan for the patient and ensure that desired outcomes are met.

  • 05Reporting

    Operational reports like CMR Completion Rates along with CMS compliance reports.

  • 06Follow up

    Use AssureCare’s highly interactive task and queue system to generate automated follow-ups for continuous disease monitoring.

  • 07Billing

    Optimize reimbursement potential by billing for Medication Therapy Management services.


See how a digitally connected platform can help your organization positively impact a patient life.

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Features and Functionality

  1. Medical billing
  2. Vaccine registry integration
  3. Specialty pharmacy workflow management and prior authorization
  4. Pharmacogenomics integration
  5. MTM reporting for payors and providers
  6. Real-time patient identification
  7. Medication adherence monitoring
  8. Telehealth
  9. Patient engagement
  10. Provider portal
Utilization Management, Care Management, Medication Therapy Management modules connected

Combine these modules for even greater benefits.

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