PPractice Management System

Integrated Practice Management Software for Streamlined Billing

iPatientCare offers a complete practice management system that allows your front office and back office staff to work easily and efficiently, generating cleaner claims to receive higher reimbursement.


Track, manage, and optimize financial and administrative processes with our integrated and efficient practice management system (PMS). iPatientCare’s practice management module brings together front and back office workflows to simplify medical billing services from registration to denial management.

  • 01Front Office

    Enable staff to easily and efficiently register new patients, update demographics and insurance, schedule and confirm appointments, verify eligibility, and streamline processes.

  • 02Back Office

    Ensure efficient claims management, accounts receivable, and streamlined patient billing with robust billing reports. Integrated clearing house for smooth electronic claims processing and automated lists for claims corrections and error notifications.

  • 03Appointment Scheduling

    Allow providers and staff to quickly book appointments and enable real-time monitoring of provider availability across multiple facilities. Appointment reminders help reduce no-shows and cancellations.

  • 04Patient Demographics Capture and Updates

    Capture clean entry and updates of patient demographics and insurance information as accurately as possible for successful reimbursement.

  • 05Claims Management

    Create electronic claims from captured charges and send claims to the clearing house for transmission to payers. Built-in claims edits help claims bill as accurately as possible the first time to help ensure maximum reimbursement as quickly as possible.


See how a digitally connected platform can help your organization positively impact a patient life.

Features and Functionality

  1. Robust financial dashboards and reports give high visibility to practice reimbursement and financial performance
  2. Clear documentation of patient demographics resulting in fewer claims errors and denials
  3. Improved scheduling processes that can reduce no-shows and cancellations
  4. Improved billing processes such as eliminating manual charge and payment entry
  5. Electronic submission of claims to speed up the claims adjudication process and reduce time in A/R
  6. Reduction of administrative tasks so providers can focus on quality of care

See Results

See how our platform provided a robust EHR and practice management system beneficial for a pediatric practice and a family clinic with heightened security and rapid response times.

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