Transforming Flu Season

Transforming Flu Season

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In the dynamic landscape of community pharmacy, clinical pharmacists play a pivotal role in ensuring the health and well-being of their patients. The evolving nature of healthcare demands continuous adaptation and optimization of services to enhance efficiency, diversify revenue streams, and prioritize patient safety and efficacy. This discussion explores strategic approaches for clinical pharmacists to not only streamline vaccine administration but also elevate their everyday practices, fostering a comprehensive and sustainable healthcare ecosystem. From embracing technology to expanding services and engaging with the community, these strategies aim to create a symbiotic relationship between clinical pharmacists and the evolving needs of the communities they serve.

We will be discussing:

  • Setting up a Pharmacy Clinic
  • Optimizing Community Pharmacy Workflow
  • Evaluating your Vaccine Program for quality, revenue & efficiency
  • Expanding to Point of Care Services and
  • The Future of Pharmacists as Providers

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