When you can see the entirety of a person’s health, you can change it for the better. 

The Problem

Healthcare access and delivery can be disjointed and expensive. Improve care and lower costs with a single integrated system.

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A person’s healthcare information is often fragmented and difficult to access. This can lead to lower-quality care for patients and higher costs for all. AssureCare’s integrated platform empowers payers, providers, and pharmacists to coordinate care more effectively and efficiently.

Our mission

We develop technology that connects a human life with its healthcare ecosystem.

Our platform has touched
80+ million lives

Deep experience in health insurance, healthcare systems, and pharmacies

Partnering with industry-leading system integrators at state and national levels

Pioneers of the first integrated care management software

We are passionate about caring for people. 

We started as population health management experts on a mission to improve care. We sought out the best tech experts and implementation gurus. Together, we are helping organizations worldwide adopt world-class technology and transform how they see and care for people throughout their healthcare journey.