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We are a connected care company that uses technology to help customers make data-driven decisions to solve healthcare challenges.

The Problem

AssureCare was created because access to and delivery of healthcare can be fragmented, and expensive. This can lead to lower quality care for patients and higher costs for all.

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Solving the challenge of disjointed healthcare was a calling that started more than 25 years ago for AssureCare’s leadership. There is no better feeling than the ability to positively impact human lives by improving people’s health. We have had the privilege of working in and for the tripod of American healthcare: insurance payors, multi-specialty group practices, and multi-hospital health systems.

These experiences led us to build a technology platform that connects payors with their members and pharmacists with their patients to provide care management, utilization management, and medication therapy management. Our promise is that whatever we do, it will be with excellence and always with the patient in mind.

A letter from our Ceo

I have had the privilege of working in the tripod of American healthcare – health insurance, multi-specialty group practice and a multi-hospital health system.

As a life-long student of healthcare and public health, I see the need and demonstrated value of our technology platforms and solutions we provide. Whether as a President of a physician medical group practice or as a Chief Executive Officer of a leading multi-hospital health system, I have witnessed how technology can not only improve health outcomes, but also address other healthcare and public health problems of our society, both at an individual patient level and at a population health level.

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We are passionate about caring for people. 

We started as population health management experts on a mission to improve care. We sought out the best tech experts and implementation gurus. Together, we are helping organizations worldwide adopt world-class technology and transform how they see and care for people throughout their healthcare journey. 

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