CCare ManagementCORE

Set a new standard for healthcare with an integrated Care Management software solution.

Improved member outcomes with real-time data using MedCompass’ Health 360.


Explore the possibilities of streamlined care management.

See the entirety of a person’s health information, make informed decisions, and take appropriate action—all from one place.

  • 01Population Identification

    Identify, stratify, and connect patients to the right community of resources. Both data and events can be used to identify at-risk members.

  • 02Real-time Communication

    Enable real-time communication among all members of the care team using text, secure messaging, and email as well as standard correspondence and an integrated telehealth platform.

  • 03Care plans

    Person-centered care plans that address the member’s concerns and activation level. Real-time data drives assessments, identifies problems, prioritizes goals, and recognizes intervention opportunities.

  • 04Rule Driven Interventions

    Schedule and assign interventions to care team members.

  • 05Service Planning

    Manage LTSS and Medicaid Waiver plans of care.

  • 06Social Determinants of Health

    Optimized referral and utilization of non-medical services to improve members’ care in their community.

  • 07Reporting and Performance

    Efficiently measure and report the impact of programs and interventions. Dashboards manage and assist in day-to-day supervisory tasks. Equipped with both preconfigured and ad hoc reports, member reports measure longitudinal change.

  • 08Issue Management

    Effectively manage appeals, grievances, and incident reporting.


See how a digitally connected platform can help your organization positively impact a patient life.

group of medical professionals huddled in a discussion about patient outcomes using care management software

Features and Functionality 

  1. Predictive modeling
  2. Workflow automation
  3. Social determinants of health content
  4. Assessments and Care Plan library
  5. Patient and provider portal
  6. Telehealth
  7. NCQA prevalidation for population health

Utilization Management, Care Management, Medication Therapy Management modules connected

Combine these modules for even greater benefits.

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