Transforming pharmacies into connected destinations for care

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The Problem

Community pharmacists don’t have the time! They need support to build clinical programs and get in medical networks for billing and payment.

Male and female pharmacist discussing medication management software.
pharmacist using medication management software to mange a pharmacy.

With clinical services support and credentialing, pharmacists can expand access to care, drive quality outcomes and align with the rest of the healthcare ecosystem. Enabling pharmacists as providers closes unnecessary gaps in healthcare, reduces risks for patients and diversifies reimbursement. Now pharmacists can spend their time seeing patients instead of handling administrative tasks.  

The Solutions

Community Pharmacy

With our AssureRx solution, community pharmacies can effectively transform their practice.

Enable billing like other medical providers by getting in network, exploring innovative payment models and building up your clinical services:

  • Get credentialed and enrolled with Payors
  • Create efficient workflows to enable clinical services & medical billing
  • Save administrative time with credentialing and program development
  • Stay current with clinical guideline & payor requirements
  • Improve & diversify pharmacy revenue (cash & medically billed services)
Young female pharmacist looking over prescriptions with medication management software.

7 steps to transform your community pharmacy

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Specialty Pharmacy

Our specialty pharmacy solution can increase quality, reduce prescription fill timelines, increase referral opportunities, and successfully prepare your business for future growth opportunities.

  • Document, monitor & maintain patient onboarding, benefits investigation, financial assistance investigation, and clinical consultations in one platform
  • Disease/drug specific assessments & educational tools
  • Analyze trends in pharmacy operations and patient service levels, measure and improve outcomes

AssureRx Pharmacy Solution

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