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AssureRx Clinical Services is designed to be the ultimate community pharmacy resource for implementing and executing high-quality clinical programs, allowing you to focus on what matters most, caring for your patients.

Transforming Pharmacy Practice Is Complex

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At AssureRx, we are passionate about pharmacists providing clinical services and have worked through the necessary steps to enable pharmacists as providers. We have helped teams implement quality clinical programs, adjust their workflow, document in an EHR, get credentialed and receive payment from medical plans via traditional medical billing. This is exciting and we can’t wait to help more teams in more states get to this point too!

We are here to assist you in taking that first step with AssureRx Clinical Services. It’s your all-in-one destination for Clinical Service Resources and Implementation strategies.

Whether you want to make this flu season more profitable, expand cash-based clinical services, prepare for credentialing, or attract new patients, AssureRx Clinical services can provide the guidance you need.

Become a member today, and let’s transform the way you practice pharmacy and take care of your patients together.

AssureRx will soon be welcoming new clients for its other products, including credentialing solution, ONC-Certified EHR designed for community pharmacies, and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Transforming Community Pharmacy

We are the FIRST community pharmacy clinical coordinator resource dedicated to helping you implement and execute quality clinical programs.
Available Resources to Assist with All of Your Clinical Program Needs:
  • Credentialing Introduction
  • Clinic Prep Basic & Advanced
  • Point of Care & CLIA Kit
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Vaccine Program Success
  • Med Sync & MTM Optimized
  • Patient Messaging
  • Wellness Service Descriptors
  • Physician Detailing
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Quality Encounters
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Networking & Pearls Calls
  • Discussion Board
  • Monthly Topics & Resources

Pharmacy is changing, and we are changing with it!

Stay on top of the latest industry changes with our Premium and Professional membership.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Through Premium and Professional memberships, stay current with industry changes.



Join the AssureRx discussion board to connect with fellow pharmacies.

Monthly Refresh

Monthly Refresh

Access new tools and resources monthly to keep your clinical programs up-to-date.

Cash-to-Billing Transition

Cash-to-Billing Transition

Use cash programs as a path to medical billing success.

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Choose the right membership tier to meet you on your clinical program journey:

Clinic Set-up
Clinical Pharmacy Workflow Re-design
Vaccine Service Optimization
Enhanced Medication Synchronization
Marketing Strategies
Collaboration Calls & Discussion Boards
Point of Care
Credentialing Preparation
Medical Billing Basics
Charting to Support Medical Billing
Monthly New Topics & Resources
Optimizing Dispensing Software for Clinical
Clinical Goal Setting
Coaching Services
CPA State Customization
Discounts on Credentialing, EHR, RCM
Chris Shaffner

“As an independent pharmacy owner, I’ve always wanted to develop everything myself and didn’t want someone else “telling” me how to do things. But I already have a full plate and wear many hats. It’s been great to have a partner like AssureRx provide an outside perspective and offer suggestions for workflow. They’ve helped revamp certain clinical programs to make them better. What they offer is a wonderful value for owners like myself, allowing me to focus on seeing patients instead of planning to see them.”

Chris Schaffner,
Jacqueling Eide

“As someone who enjoys operations, I appreciate that AssureRx is examining various models and assessing what works well, or may not work well, at other pharmacies. They then provide us with the best practices, along with the most up-to-date clinical information. I don’t have to spend as much of my spare time researching everything because I know they are already reviewing new recommendations and will help ensure I use the correct billing codes.”

Jacqueline Eide, PharmD
Ruger Stufflebeam

“AssureRx has introduced many exciting elements to my community residency. They have been instrumental in assisting us in implementing clinical programs that enable our pharmacists to practice at the highest level of their licensure. Their dedication to the success of their partners is evident, as they actively monitor the quality outcomes of our programs to support us in advocating for improved reimbursement with payers and in establishing networks with providers for enhanced collaboration and referral streams.”

Ruger Stufflebeam, PharmD
David Stevens

“They go by AssureRx, but I simply refer to them as the dream team. They assisted me in launching a tobacco cessation program from scratch. They provided the tools for marketing the program, offered coaching to boost my confidence in leading these sessions, and provided feedback to streamline documentation. They also encouraged me to involve my entire team. It’s been wonderful to not only know that I’m making a positive impact on my community’s health but also to witness revenue generated from providing cognitive services. I’ve tried various revenue-generating programs over the years, but this is the first one I believe I can sustain and expand. The primary reason is the incredible support and consistent encouragement I receive. I genuinely appreciate your support!”

David Stevens,
David Stevens

“I am a second generation pharmacist and we have a long legacy in our wonderful community. When I was looking to partner with someone for medical billing and advancing clinical services, I wanted to go with someone with a passion and vision like me and someone I could trust. I am so happy I chose AssureRx. They have been wonderful partner and have helped me open up medical billing and a new revenue stream. What started as a tobacco initiative quickly grew to so much more.”

Grants Pass Pharmacy
Michele Belcher,
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Implementation Toolkits and Success Coaching


Library access enabling purchasing customized individual and packaged items.


Unlimited access to entire library of CPAs and Toolkits, Annual Coaching Package, and discounts on future AssureRx offerings

Toolkit Supports

Each Robust Toolkit Supports program implementation. They include everything from CPA templates to clinical supply lists, pharmacist training, patient education, clinical decision making, billing considerations and additional supplemental resources for prescription forms, patient take-away and coordination of care​


1:1 Coaching Topics

Meet the AssureRx Team

Tara Pfund, PharmD

Project Management & Strategy
Show Details

Tara Pfund

Tara Pfund, PharmD leads the development, design, and strategy for community pharmacy practice solutions supporting pharmacist providers, ranging from clinical program implementation, credentialing and enrollment, to visit documentation and reimbursement strategies from medical payors. Tara has dedicated her career to progressing the pharmacy progression in her various executive roles within healthcare technology and community pharmacy.

Shahab Shaikh

Product Design and Implementation
Show Details

Shahab Shaikh

Shahab Shaikh is the Senior Technical Project Manager at Assurecare. He has a master’s in computer applications. He has been working in health care IT for 17 years. During his carrier journey he worked on various software development and implementation projects which include Electronic Health Records, Medical Billing software, Interoperability, and integrations with third party systems. He is proud to contribute to improving patients’ health and building healthy society. He lives in Mason, Ohio and loves movies, nature and to spend time with family.

Crystal Bryan, PharmD

Clinical Programs
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Crystal Bryan

Crystal Bryan, PharmD leads clinical program development She has spent most of her career in community pharmacy and provider clinics offering clinical programs for vaccines, medication therapy management, chronic disease management and transitions of care. Crystal is passionate about helping pharmacists fully embrace their role as practitioners, one step at a time. Pharmacists are perfectly suited to drive quality patient interventions, coordinate care and create a healthier community.

Crystal loves people, so outside of work, her schedule is packed with hiking, coaching soccer, many activities with her twin daughters or planning the next themed party that wouldn’t be complete without baked goods and a balloon arch!  

Manish S. Devan

Credentialing & Enrollment
Show Details

Manish S. Devan

Manish S. Devan is a seasoned Credentialing & Contracting Team Lead with over 8 years of healthcare industry experience. His expertise spans Credentialing & Contracting, Patient Access, Collection Management, EV & Auth and Medical billing. Currently, at Assurecare, Manish oversees key projects in Credentialing & Contracting for Pharmacy & Pharmacists, working to enhance healthcare systems and individual well-being. Beyond his career, he’s an enthusiastic cook who constantly explores new recipes. In his leisure time, I find enjoyment in activities like swimming, playing cricket, and driving. Manish’s ultimate aim is to make a positive impact on the healthcare industry and people’s lives through my dedication and expertise.

Brian Jones, RDN, CCM, CDCES

Product Design and Provider Onboarding
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Brian Jones

With an extensive background in clinical dietetics and population health manager, Brian Jones bridges health technology and human well-being. Brian’s unique perspective and engagement with esteemed affiliations reflect his commitment to driving positive change. Adaptable and driven, Brian brings over 16 years of expertise to AssureRx. He’s dedicated to leveraging his diverse skill set to spearhead transformative advancements in health technology and contribute effectively to forward-looking initiatives. Passionate about improving the health of individuals, Brian is a staunch advocate for evidence-based practice and seamlessly connecting care to foster holistic well-being. Brian currently reside in Southeastern Tennessee with my wife and two children. He’s an avid auto enthusiast and has a deep appreciation for culinary delights, both in creating and enjoying them

Harsh Mehta

Revenue Cycle Management
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Harsh Mehta

Harsh Mehta is an RCM Account Manager with over 8 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He specializes in medical billing services, handling pilot projects, optimizing revenue, and ensuring compliance. At Assurecare, Harsh specifically manages the pharmacy medical billing services. Beyond work, he’s a cricket enthusiast who enjoys playing the drums and beatboxing. Harsh is also an inspirational story writer and influencer, sharing insights and motivation to inspire others. His goal is to make a positive impact on the healthcare industry and people’s lives.