AssureCare Revolutionizes Pharmacist Credentialing with Groundbreaking Solution

AssureCare Revolutionizes Pharmacist Credentialing with Groundbreaking Solution

AssureCare’s AssureRx platform enables pharmacies to navigate the complexities of pharmacist credentialing with a comprehensive, seamless solution.

Cincinnati, Ohio – February 20, 2024 – AssureCare, a leading healthcare solutions provider, has unveiled an innovative approach to pharmacist provider credentialing, setting a new standard in the healthcare industry. Health systems and clinics benefit from a credentialing department, AssureCare now enables community pharmacists to have the same capability through its AssureRx platform.

Unlocking the Future of Pharmacist Credentialing with AssureRx

AssureCare introduces a new AssureRx solution designed to navigate the intricacies of pharmacist credentialing with unparalleled expertise. The comprehensive platform addresses the complexities associated with navigating payor requirements and ensures a seamless process for pharmacists from application submission to payor response for Medicaid, Commercial, and Medicare Advantage plans that accept pharmacist providers.

“The basic tenet of credentialing is that it is an important patient safety measure that helps optimize outcomes by ensuring the integrity of trained clinical pharmacy providers,” said Yousuf Ahmad, DrPH, President and CEO of AssureCare.

Expert Guidance for Streamlined Credentialing

With AssureRx, pharmacist providers across the nation can now have their own credentialing department. By managing all the details from collection of all materials to submission and follow-up AssureRx will streamline the entire experience of credentialing and enrolling with medical payors. The combined impact of AssureRx’s innovative credentialing platform, pharmacy professionals, and credentialing specialists will help pharmacists prepare their pharmacy for the future. AssureRx enables pharmacists to expand their network, prepare for innovative payment models, and maintain their in-network status with ease, so that they can focus on delivering quality patient care.

Key Features:

  • Guide pharmacists through the provider credentialing application process
  • Primary source verification and ensure application accuracy prior to submission
  • Application follow-up management
  • Service offerings available as a bundle or selected by individual needs

“We understand the challenges pharmacist providers face in navigating the credentialing landscape,” states Tara Pfund, PharmD at AssureCare, “and we want to help relieve that burden and advocate for change.” AssureRx is committed to revolutionizing the pharmacist credentialing process, providing a one-stop solution for professionals seeking integration into medical plans.

About AssureRx

The AssureRx comprehensive pharmacy solution was designed by leveraging AssureCare’s established years of experience working with payors, providers, and pharmacies. Our mission is to successfully transform the practice and business model of community pharmacy by supporting the entire pharmacist provider journey

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About AssureCare®

AssureCare is a privately held healthcare technology company that transforms the health management process for providers and payers by enabling the delivery of higher quality, cost-effective, collaborative care across the complete continuum of care. AssureCare’s flagship software platform, MedCompass, is used by many of the nation’s leading commercial and government organizations (Medicare and Medicaid) to deliver end-to-end care management for millions of members daily. MedCompass transforms healthcare management by automating processes and streamlining workflows, thus allowing care professionals to make better decisions that dramatically improve the quality of care. AssureCare is considered an industry leader in developing modular, seamless solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce avoidable costs associated with population health management.

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AssureCare is a leading provider of integrated population health management software for healthcare and human services organizations. For two decades, AssureCare has served the healthcare industry. AssureCare is a Vora Ventures portfolio company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.