iPatientCare: An EHR built by physicians for physicians

A patient-centric, boutique electronic health record software suite that empowers providers to deliver effective and efficient patient care

Enhanced patient care starts with a single system.

iPatientCare is an electronic health record software suite that streamlines workflows while optimizing efficiency. The system is approachable, configurable, and customizable.

The platform offers an EHR, practice management module, and revenue cycle management services to help providers improve patient care and maximize reimbursement.

  • Configure and customize templates for primary care and specialty-specific needs.
  • Optimize clinic workflows with an intuitive user interface that makes charting easy and efficient.
  • Document a patient’s complete health history all from one place with feature-rich workflows.
  • Enhance provider performance and profitability.
  • Seamlessly integrate with major lab, diagnostic, and large HIS vendors unlocks a holistic view of the patient’s healthcare journey.
  • Efficiently bill for medical services performed in a pharmacy, such as tobacco cessation, naloxone, hormonal birth control, vaccines, and more.

Five important steps have been identified to successfully bill medical claims for clinical services in a community pharmacy practice. Download our Whitepaper to learn more.

iPatientCare is a comprehensive software platform for providers.

The electronic health record, practice management system, and revenue cycle management can be used together or separately for maximum efficiencies
and practice performance.

Electronic Health Record

Provides best-practice clinical documentation.

  • Configurable templates
  • Feature-rich, dynamic workflows
  • User-friendly and easy to adopt

Practice Management System

Automate eligibility from multiple locations, convert patient encounter documentation into claims, and post payments.

  • Embedded practice management system for easy charge capture process
  • Efficient claim scrubbing and submission
  • Payment posting and proactive denial management

Revenue Cycle Management

Turnkey billing support for practices of all sizes.

  • High first-pass claims acceptance rate
  • Reduction in accounts receivable and increase in collections
  • Reduces billing workload inside the clinic

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