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Practice Management


Hospital Information Management System

Our Hospital Information Management System (HIS/HIMS) is a scalable solution for healthcare organizations of all sizes. It seamlessly supports hospital functions with integrated Electronic Health Records, ERP modules, and built-in telemedicine capabilities.

  • Hospital Automation for efficient operations with 20+ integrated modules
  • Patient-centric records for seamless care
  • Streamlined administration enhances
    operational efficiency

Laboratory Information Management System

Leverage the Laboratory Information Management System (LIS/LIMS) for efficient sample and data management, automate workflows, integrate instruments, and ensure reliable results, expediting processes and addressing challenges in modern genomics. Modernize your genomics data management strategies amid evolving technologies.

  • Audit trail & secure data storage
  • Electronic lab notebook & lab instruments integration
  • Workflow management & lab order system
  • Patient records & reporting/analytics
  • Secured reporting with analytics
Radiology Information Management System

Radiology Information Management System

We provide a cutting-edge Radiology Information System (RIS/RIMS) that enhances medical imaging workflow by seamlessly managing orders, billing, and record-keeping. Elevate your radiology data management for precision and efficiency with this trusted healthcare innovation partner.

  • Order and workflow management
  • Billing integration
  • Patient record keeping
  • Imaging data management
  • Reporting and analytics


The power of instant, secure, multi-participant collaboration anywhere, anytime

Our telemedicine service provides secure collaboration tools that enable real-time communication between care providers and patients, irrespective of their location. Leveraging our expertise, the solution offers a user-friendly web-based platform for seamless communication and virtual care delivery.

  • Zero-installation convenience
  • Advanced multi-participant collaboration
  • Comprehensive telemedicine features
  • Provider-specific private rooms
  • Universal accessibility

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