AssureCare Transforms Clinical Services in Community Pharmacies

AssureCare Transforms Clinical Services in Community Pharmacies

AssureRx Clinical Services will transform the practice of community pharmacy by enabling easy, quality implementation of basic & advanced clinical programs to prove out a profitable business model around reimbursement for non-dispensing activities.

Cincinnati, Ohio – October 18, 2023 – AssureCare introduces the industry’s FIRST centralized, independent pharmacy clinical coordinator resource. Our mission is to support pharmacists in providing quality, patient-centered care while maximizing revenue opportunities, whether cash paid or medically billed. AssureRx Clinical, currently utilized by forward-thinking independent pharmacies, is serving as a resource center for efficient program design and execution, covering everything from basic services to advanced programs.

Pharmacy owner Chris Schaffner, PharmD appreciates the value AssureRx offers, stating, “It’s been great to have AssureRx provide an outside perspective and help revamp certain clinical programs.” Jacqueline Eide, PharmD owner of Goldendale Pharmacy, adds, “AssureRx ensures I use the right billing codes and keeps me updated on new recommendations.”

Leveraging AssureCare’s clinician leaders’ expertise and successful track record, this offering revolutionizes community pharmacy practice. Accessible through a membership model, AssureRx Clinical Services provides resources and support, fostering collaboration and improving access to patient care via community pharmacies, both cash-paid and medically billed programs.

“Our goal is to use our extensive experience within community pharmacy supporting new and existing clinical programs to transform today’s pharmacy practice into a dynamic and multifaceted healthcare hub.” states Crystal Bryan, PharmD at AssureCare. Tara Pfund, PharmD at AssureCare continues, “As we start to see a shift to new workflow models that enable quality clinical services in community pharmacies, patient care finally comes first. Pharmacists can do what they went to school to do, patient care! The profession needs change now, and as pharmacists across the country start to offer clinical services in a unified manner, our value in providing impactful, quality care will be finally recognized.”

About AssureCare

AssureCare is a privately held healthcare technology company that transforms the health management process for providers and payers by enabling the delivery of higher quality, cost-effective, collaborative care across the complete continuum of care. AssureCare’s flagship software platform, MedCompass, is used by many of the nation’s leading commercial and government organizations (Medicare and Medicaid) to deliver end-to-end care management for millions of members daily. MedCompass transforms healthcare management by automating processes and streamlining workflows, thus allowing care professionals to make better decisions that dramatically improve the quality of care. AssureCare is considered an industry leader in developing modular, seamless solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce avoidable costs associated with population health management.

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AssureCare is a leading provider of integrated population health management software for healthcare and human services organizations. For two decades, AssureCare has served the healthcare industry. AssureCare is a Vora Ventures portfolio company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.