The Current and Future State of Population Health: An Open Discussion with John Lynn, Healthcare Scene

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with John Lynn, Founder of, a network of leading Healthcare IT resources, to share my background in healthcare, insights on the current healthcare landscape, and dive into how AssureCare is addressing various healthcare challenges, specifically population health.

It was truly an honor and privilege to speak about the impressive work that AssureCare is doing to put patients at the center of the care continuum. Some of the key areas John and my discussion covered included:

  • Trends in the healthcare market, such as access to care, costs, and engagement in care
  • How Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are impacting patient care
  • Importance of building member-centric technology to improve population health
  • Expanding role of pharmacists in healthcare
  • The future of healthcare, such as pharmacogenomics, and AssureCare’s vision and strategy towards bridging gaps in healthcare.

I invite you to listen to our video interview and also check out John’s insights into our discussion.

Yousuf Ahmad

President and CEO