Population Health Company AssureCare to Unveil Specialty Pharmacy Solution at HIMSS22

Visit booth #647 at HIMSS22 and see how AssureCare’s Specialty Pharmacy Solution is helping pharmacists deliver quality care and maximize referral and revenue streams.  

AssureCare, a population health company that develops solutions to empower pharmacists to take a more active role in patient care, will be showcasing their cloud-based Specialty Pharmacy Solution in booth #647 at the HIMSS22 Global Health Conference & Exhibition taking place March 14-18th in Orlando, FL.  The solution is already serving some of the premier names in Specialty Pharmacy.

Designed for the unique needs and workflow for specialty pharmacies that are treating patients with rare and complex, chronic conditions, our Specialty Pharmacy Solution adds patient onboarding, benefit verification, pre- and post-dispensing clinical consultation tools, and adverse drug event management to the pharmacy dispensing system. The result is a solution that enables specialty pharmacies to deliver the enhanced quality of care and increased medication handling protocols specialty medications and patients require.  The solution also makes it easier for a specialist to prescribe the medication(s) via the AssureCare Provider Portal.  The result is a solution that will increase provider referrals, maximize adherence, and improve quality measures, all leading to better outcomes and additional revenue streams.  

“AssureCare understands the critical role pharmacists play in patient care – these trusted, highly-trained care givers are vital in population health efforts, and in particular supporting patients who are dealing with complex health conditions,” says Natasha King, Director Pharmacy Strategy at AssureCare. “Our Specialty Pharmacy Solution fosters the right level of support and engagement at the right time, leading improved patient compliance, successful therapy outcomes, and reduction in errors and drug-related problems.”

Supporting the Complexities of Specialty Pharmacies
Unlike retail pharmacies that typically dispense medications for more common, short-term illnesses, specialty pharmacies are challenged with dispensing medications that require increased patient education as well as a more complex and time sensitive prior authorization process. To support these unique needs and support patients managing chronic and serious conditions, AssureCare’s Specialty Pharmacy Solution includes the following features:

  • Member Onboarding Management. Simplifies and automates the onboarding and exchange of patient information
  • Benefit Investigation. Provides pharmacists the ability to work directly with insurers for a streamlined prior authorization process
  • Pre-Dispensing Clinical Consultation. Provides questionnaires/assessments, drug-specific patient education, and communication across multiple channels
  • Post-Dispensing Clinical Consultation. Automates outreach for patient follow-ups and manufacture-required adherence calls
  • Adverse Drug Event Management. Robust monitoring and reporting for adverse events.

“Improving the quality of human lives is at the core of AssureCare’s mission,” says Yousuf Ahmad, DrPH, President and Chief Executive Officer at AssureCare.  “This is especially critical for our most vulnerable patients impacted by chronic and complex conditions. Pharmacist serving these patients must be equipped with the tools to help identify and address their needs, optimize therapies, support medication adherence, and reduce any adverse drug effects.  We are uniquely positioned to deliver the most advanced and connected solution for Specialty Pharmacy that brings together the patient, provider, pharmacist and payor for real-time collaboration when it is needed most.”

Want to learn more about AssureCare’ Specialty Rx solution? Be sure to visit AssureCare at booth #647 during HIMSS22, March 14-18th.

About AssureCare
AssureCare is a population health company, leading the industry by connecting care for payors, providers, and pharmacies across the US and internationally. Committed to solving the burdensome challenges of lagging and dispersed patient information and data sources, multi-system solutions, deficient resources, dated software, and highly fragmented care teams. AssureCare’s multi-segment validated population health management platform provides a singular, easily integrated platform across the continuum of care, where data transacts in real-time, providing a complete 360-patient view, and facilitates patient and member engagement. All enabling the patient to be at the core of our platform.  For more information, follow AssureCare on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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AssureCare is a leading provider of integrated population health management software for healthcare and human services organizations. For two decades, AssureCare has served the healthcare industry. AssureCare is a Vora Ventures portfolio company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.