Our Client and Partner, Chris Schaffner, PharmD, joined Digital Health Insights to Discuss Solutions to Expand Pharmacy into Primary Care

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Pharmacists play a unique role in their communities and establish trusted relationships with their patients. Our client and partner, Chris Schaffner, PharmD, owner of Schaffner Pharmacy, shares with Digital Health Insights (DHI) the changes he believes necessary to continue to support community pharmacies in the future including changes to the reimbursement structures. Chris discusses the data-driven, population health management approach he has adopted in his community pharmacy and how he has been able to expand his patient care.

“Our goal is to create a pharmacy-centric model that is replicable and scalable so that the health system as a whole can harness our resources and add another layer of insight and another pair of hands to care for the patients who need extra support with their chronic conditions, their polypharmacy, and their self-management,” says Chris. “We’re here to help, and we are so eager to collaborate and work as a unified team to move the needle on outcomes for our shared patients.” 

Pharmacy integration into the coordinated care team and expansion of role can provide even more robust care for communities. Our own Tara Pfund, PharmD, also joins DHI to discuss some of the technology implemented at Schaffner Pharmacy and how this has improved reimbursement workflows for the pharmacists.

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