AssureCare’s® President and CEO, Dr. Yousuf J. Ahmad, DrPH, MHSA, MBA, FACHE to Address Social Determinants of Health and How to Optimize Care Coordination Through Innovative Technology at the 10th Annual World Congress

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AssureCare’s® President and CEO, Dr. Yousuf J. Ahmad, recognized for leading large health systems in developing ACO’s and advancing their population health management initiatives, will be explaining how crucial it is to have technology that can keep up with growing demands from providers, payers and state agencies at February’s upcoming World Congress. The World Congress 10th Annual Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) Summit is set to take place February 27-28, 2017 at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.

Dr. Ahmad will discuss:

  • How to best utilize demographic information not covered by traditional EMRs to analyze and address social determinants of health that impact the delivery of care.
  • How a modular, highly configurable care coordination platform assists states in coordinating care for their members.
  • How to assess the way in which state Medicaid agencies can better assist with managed care plans and providers to assimilate data.
  • How to successfully coordinate care management using a database that integrates member and provider data.
  • How to use data to evaluate the enrollment process, authorizations, and to understand history and trends to best prepare for serving different populations.

“As we immerse ourselves in the evolving realm of managed care, the healthcare industry is starting to grasp the depth and breadth of what technology is capable of for value-based care and underserved populations,” shares Dr. Ahmad, “Technology allows us to continually stay aligned with new regulations in managed care. A focus on collecting and analyzing health data can provide us with a deeper understanding of social determinants of health. The collection and use of this data in healthcare allows us to better address, serve and positively impact a variety of populations…thus, improving countless lives.”

About the Medicaid Managed Care Summit

The MMC Summit is a yearly conference that attracts major players from both the private and public realms of healthcare with attendees ranging from CEOs to directors of state Medicaid programs. Through their educationally focused events, they encourage the exchange of ideas, discuss market trends and explore solutions to the most pressing challenges facing healthcare today.

The conference is being hosted by the World Congress at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington, VA. The two-day event will provide an opportunity to interact with leaders in healthcare, to network while promoting learning, to explore ways to advance the shift to value-based care and align services with recent regulatory changes.

About AssureCare®, Inc.

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