AssureCare’s EVP of Strategy, Innovation, and Growth Joins FINN Voices Podcast to Share Three Health IT Innovation Trends to Watch in 2023

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AssureCare’s EVP, Mayur Yermaneni, shares his predictions for the evolution of the digital health landscape, specifically value-based care, pharmacy, and the patient’s home. With 20 years of healthcare technology experience, Mayur brings valuable insights into how powerful and proven data analytics, care coordination, interoperability, and smart devices will influence healthcare advancements in the year ahead and beyond. He discusses the potential shift in collaboration between payor and provider to improve patient outcomes with lower costs and how patients themselves have become more involved in their own healthcare journey.

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AssureCare is a leading provider of integrated population health management software for healthcare and human services organizations. For two decades, AssureCare has served the healthcare industry. AssureCare is a Vora Ventures portfolio company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.