AssureCare Launches a New Dental Care Management Solution

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Built upon its Flagship MedCompass® Platform, the New Module Will Help Dental Care Professionals Deliver Quality across the Complete Continuum of Care

CINCINNATI, March 27, 2017 — AssureCare®, the leading provider of healthcare management software and solutions, announced the release of a new dental module in their patient health care platform, MedCompass®. This new dental care management capability is expected to enhance and transform the way dental authorization processes occur, especially for low income families.

“Dental disease is the most common chronic illness for children. It is preventable, and yet, dental care remains as one of the most unmet treatment needs in children in America,” says Dr. Yousuf J. Ahmad, President & CEO of AssureCare®. “There are many dental conditions that affect the health of our children. Dental caries (tooth decay) is the most concerning issue due to its substantial prevalence in the low-income Medicaid population.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 25% of children have tooth decay in baby teeth before entering kindergarten. By age 19, almost 70% of youth have experienced tooth decay in permanent teeth.

9 million children in USA lack health insurance, and more than 20 million lack access to oral health services. Untreated dental caries can lead to pain, weight loss, missed school days, poor appearance, decreased self-esteem and even death.

“Our solution, MedCompass® Dental, enables our customers to ensure effective and efficient provision of dental care to all members, including children,” says Dr. Ahmad.

This highly configurable dental care management software offers end-to-end care management capabilities to providers and payers, including:

  • Concurrently complete multiple care planning tasks, submit dental authorizations, and create question templates for authorizations to elicit additional details
  • Dental Authorization Triage
  • Manual or Auto Adjudication
  • Allows users to work collaboratively with dentists to ensure a smooth continuum of care for each patient consistent with service authorizations
  • Associated Analytics (long-term and continued care)

In addition, this new dental care module enhances the capture of relevant information by providing specific fields for tooth number, surface(s) and area. Dental procedures may be identified using CDT codes. These options can be hidden, exposed or required fields. Thanks to MedCompass’s® modularity, providers can choose how they want these fields displayed.

The new dental module is undergoing the beta process and is scheduled to release to general market on April 1, 2017.

About AssureCare®:
AssureCare® is a privately held healthcare technology company that transforms the Health Management process for providers and payers by enabling the delivery of higher quality, cost effective, collaborative care across the complete continuum of care. AssureCare’s® flagship software platform, MedCompass®, is used by many of the nation’s leading commercial and government organizations (Medicare and Medicaid) to deliver end-to-end care management for millions of members daily.

MedCompass® transforms healthcare management by automating processes and streamlining workflows, thus allowing care professionals to make better decisions that dramatically improve the quality of care. AssureCare® is considered an industry leader in developing modular, seamless solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce avoidable costs associated with population health management.

AssureCare® is a Vora Ventures portfolio company with headquarters in Cincinnati, OH.
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AssureCare is a leading provider of integrated population health management software for healthcare and human services organizations. For two decades, AssureCare has served the healthcare industry. AssureCare is a Vora Ventures portfolio company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.