AssureCare® and University of Cincinnati Form Strategic Partnership to Help Coordinate Care for Millions of Americans by Optimizing their Medication Treatment

University of Cincinnati partnership

Partnership will be a national model for a public private partnership between an academic institution and a privately held healthcare industry technology leader solving a critical healthcare problem by offering a world class solution

CINCINNATI, Ohio – November 21, 2016: In a joint announcement, AssureCare® and the University of Cincinnati stated the formation of their strategic partnership focused on optimizing medication treatment for millions of Americans.

“Non-adherence to prescribed medications is a $290 billion issue in America. While Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a proven method of addressing this challenge, only a fraction of Americans are receiving this service,” said Dr. Neil MacKinnon, Dean of the Winkle College of Pharmacy at the University of Cincinnati. “Because of this partnership, the College of Pharmacy will be able to leverage its faculty towards building a world class product and this partnership also enables the College to offer practical training hours for its pharmacy students,” added Dean MacKinnon.

“We are excited about the public/private partnership we have developed with AssureCare® as they bring innovation to the area of care coordination. Millions of lives in America get their care coordinated on AssureCare’s® MedCompass® platform across multiple States,” remarked Dr. Pat Limbach, Vice President for Research at UC and Interim President and CEO of the University of Cincinnati Research Institute (UCRI). “This partnership will be a testament to how we can harness the talent of both organizations to develop a solution that addresses a major industry gap,” Limbach added.

“In all my healthcare experience I have found that pharmacists are the most underutilized healthcare professionals in America given the depth and breadth of their training. This solution will allow pharmacists to spend more quality time with their patients in optimizing their medication therapy.” said Dr. Yousuf J. Ahmad, President & CEO of AssureCare®. “AssureCare’s® MedCompass® product already captures salient clinical and demographic information needed for care coordination making MTM a perfect evolution of our product. We also see a huge opportunity in expanding our MTM solution for a complete, end-to-end, pharmacy solution. Our intent is to build a world class product that will scale from large retail pharmacies to family owned community pharmacies.”

About AssureCare®, Inc.
AssureCare® is a privately held healthcare technology company that provides innovative care management solutions to commercial and health and human service providers. AssureCare’s® flagship software platform, MedCompass®, is used by healthcare providers throughout the United States to deliver end-to-end care management for millions of patients daily. MedCompass® transforms healthcare management by automating processes and streamlining workflows, thus allowing care professionals to make better decisions that dramatically improve the quality of care. AssureCare® is considered an industry leader in developing, modular, seamless solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce avoidable costs associated with population health management.

AssureCare® is a Vora Group company with headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. For more information, please visit or call 513-618-2150.

About University of Cincinnati
Founded in 1819, the University of Cincinnati is an urban, research-intensive institution serving a diverse community of more than 44,000 students across 14 colleges. This marks the highest enrollment in our history thanks to rising enrollment, rising retention and unrivaled momentum. Having invented cooperative education in 1906, UC remains a world-class leader in experience-based learning. UC is home to faculty members who are internationally recognized for innovative teaching and research. The National Science Foundation places UC in the top 30 among America’s public research universities, while U.S. News ranks the university among the top tier of America’s best colleges, and The Chronicle of Higher Education has called UC a “research heavyweight.” Finally, our campus setting continues to garner worldwide acclaim, with ‘The New York Times’ recently calling UC’s dramatic campus renovation of the past quarter century “the most ambitious campus-design program in the country.”

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