4 Takeaways from AHIP 2022

AssureCare’s Head of Product, Parth Shah, shares four key takeaways from AHIP 2022 with HealthIT Answers.

It is refreshing to finally be back in the full swing of in-person conferences and events, and I feel particularly energized and excited for the future of healthcare upon returning from AHIP 2022 in Las Vegas. AHIP is a national organization that is “committed to driving the innovation needed to create a more equitable, affordable, and sustainable health care system that allows every American to access the best possible care and live the healthiest possible life.”

AHIP’s core mission and value of Guiding Greater Health was a recurring theme throughout the conference’s speaking sessions as well as discussions on the exhibit floor. Here are some key takeaways I observed from the conference:

  1. Building a Better Tomorrow, Today
    There were many meaningful conversations throughout the conference dedicated to working collaboratively to improve quality care and patient outcomes. Many sessions focused on how technology innovations, re-aligned roles/workflows, data, re-shaped strategies, etc. all play a critical role in building a better healthcare system. For example, maximizing pharmacists’ roles as caregivers was a key theme throughout the conference. These crucial members of the care team are the future of driving access and affordability of patient care to the communities they serve.

Parth Shah

Head of Product